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Gera Mitrosh Rustic Restaurant

Restaurant menu

to the most atmospheric restaurant in Krasnaya Polyana

«Yabloki pechem» is a modern country cuisine restaurant located in the heart of Krasnaya Polyana

Place, where food tells you the story, where you want to come back and to celebrate your events, spend cozy evenings with your friends and get together for a hearty talk with your family.

Terrace with a panoramic view

Unique place, located between mountain peaks, impress everybody and any season. In summer heat it is wonderful to chill by having aromatic lemonade sitting in the shadow of apple-trees. During ringing frost – it is so good to have a cup of coffee, wrapped up in a rug and watch the snow-fall.

The dishes from the oven

The burning heart of the restaurant is its Russian oven. Here we cook dishes that will impress your sensors: day - old Russian cabbage soup – sthchi - from the stewed beef, duck baked in the oranges and apples, lamb shoulder baked in chestnut trough on oak brooms, delicate octopus in pumpkin, homemade chicken in a pot with sauce from baked apples and celeriac and the porridge for breakfast baked in a pot with pumpkin and raisin.


The crackling of logs, the cozy smell of the hearth, pleasant music - this is the perfect seasoning for any dinner!

The atmosphere

Hand-made fresco paintings, loamy walls and no sharp corners – all that immerse you in the atmosphere of country and original fairytale, where you want to explore every detail. The crack of cordwood in a fireplace and the cozy smell of the hearth – all that is a perfect dressing for your dinner.

Craft bread bakery and signature desserts

Every day we bake our own unleavened bread on unique sourdough: try buckwheat, onion or ryebread with seeds.

They say it’s “Tasty as a kiss!” about our desserts. Crunchy apple pie with lavender ice cream, honey biscuit with puffy sour cream and cowberry jam, tart with seasonal berries will make any day sweeter and happier.

Wе think beyond the boundaries and create our own ideal and quality product

At mitrosh_space on the second floor of our restaurant you can purchase hand-made ceramic tableware as in the restaurant, clothes with a signature design by Gera Mitrosh and other goods for home, banya and leisure.


To celebrate important event in “Yabloki pechem” means to remember that day all your life! Birthday, wedding, corporate party or team-building – we organize your event to the last detail: signature dishes from the oven, fantastic interior, the music and decorations. Your event willbe tasty, beautiful and unforgettable.

The story of the complex

The story began from a small cafénear air-brick house and banya, where guests could make a light meal and relax after banya. Only in spring of 2018 the owner of the complex – Gera Mitrosh – decided to make a full-fledged restaurant.

The design was given a new look by the artists – Ekaterina Ivanova and Olga Shturman. The tables were set up manually in the local carpenter’s shop. In spring of 2019 the first menu was elaborated and in summer - the restaurant was opened.

Why was the name “Yabloki pechem” chosen? The owner wanted to give a restaurant soft and romantic name, which suggested a cozy atmosphere. Besides, we have two apple-trees and the Russian oven. That’s the way how this form of name appeared, as if someone above caused us to blossom out – so we bake and bake, bake and bake.

How to get to"Yabloki Pechem"

We are located in the heart of Krasnaya Polyana

Sochi, Krasnaya Polyana, Komsomolsky per, 4a
+7 918 300-01-05
Mon-Sun, 09:00-23:00

We will be glad to see you among our guests!
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